Antique Gramophone, Fully Functional Working Phonograph, win-up record player


[THIS HMV IS A GRAMOPHONE WITH EXCELLENT SOUND QUALITY]. Full working order (sound quality sound) ready to play 78 RPM recordings. Sturdy Seasonal wooden cabinet / base with authentic antique signs and Brass Horn. Handmade wooden body Brass gramophone pipe. Crown holster Compatible with stone slabs. HEIGHT: 75 cm, WIDTH: 32 cm, DEPTH: 37 cm […]

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Antique Working Gramophone Vintage Gramophone Player Phonograph Vinyl Recorder


This antique gramophone is a true vintage gem from India that will transport you back in time to the early days of recorded music. The unit quantity is one, and it comes in excellent working condition for your enjoyment. With its beautiful design and classic vinyl recorder, this gramophone is a collectible piece that will […]

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HMV Working Gramophone Player Brass Phonograph Vintage Look Vinyl Record Replica


HMV Gramophone Antique Reproduction Design, Working Gramophone, win-up record player, Solid WOOD. These gorgeous style gramophone record players are portable, require no electricity and make an. Impressive and memorable gift. Full working order (sound quality sound) ready to play 78RPM recordings. 100% working gramophone, Wooden gramophone, Brass & Wood, Sounds Horn. HEIGHT: 70 cm WIDTH: […]

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Technics SL-1710 direkt drive turntable Plattenspieler hifi stereo record player


Up for sale is a fantastic Technics SL-1710 turntable, perfect for any music lover. This record player offers a unique and high-quality listening experience with 45 RPM and 33.3 RPM playback speeds, as well as stereo L/R RCA audio outputs. The SL-1710 is part of the Technics product line, made in Japan, and features a […]

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Special Handmade Gramaphone record Player Phonograph Gramophone embroidered


Create an artistic display in your living space with this durable and eye catching Gramophone decor. This Gramophone is fully functional decorative Piece. These Decorative gramophones will play only the Records/disc (Shellacs or 78s) provided with each.. Display as accent or centerpiece decor on your console, coffee, or office table. Designed with felt or rubber […]

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