Replica Gramophone Player 78 rpm phonograph Brass Horn HMV Vintage Wind U


Vintage Gramophone Player Old Phonograph Recorder Player Vinyl Record Brass Horn Wooden Box Vintage Home. Gramophone/ Phonograph Record Player Working Gramophone, Phonograph / Vintage Gramophone, Record Player / Music Player, Wooden Gramophone /. 100% working gramophone, Wooden gramophone, Brass & Wood, Sounds Horn, replica gramophone. HEIGHT: 70 cm WIDTH: 37 cm. DEPTH: 37 cm HORN: […]

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Replica Gramophone Player 78 rpm Suitcase Reproduction Record Player Vintage


This Replica has always been know as the Wind Up Portable Design. This will make a great feature for any room and a fantastic present. The original was first made in the 1930s. Our Classic Working Replica Gramophone measures 20cm High (closed). The Case is 30cm W and stands 20cm High The Depth is 43cm. […]

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