Yamaha YP-700C Belt Drive Record Player Confirmed Operation 100V 50Hz Excellent


This record player was developed using Yamaha’s highly precise machining technology. The mechanism uses a belt drive system with a 30cm aluminum die-cast turntable and a synchronous outer rotor motor. To reduce unwanted vibrations, the entire player mechanism is suspended by Yamaha’s unique double float suspension system. In this system, the turntable and the tone […]

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Yamaha YP-511 Direct Drive Record Player Turntable Confirmed Excellent Operation


Yamaha YP-511 Direct Drive Record Player. This record player is designed to reduce the adverse effects of vibration by increasing the weight of key parts. The motor is an 8-pole, 24-slot DC servo motor with high torque. Furthermore, the servo circuit response has been improved to maintain accurate rotation speed even under load fluctuations. The […]

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Yamaha YP-D10 Direct Drive Turntable Record Player Audio Operation Confirmed


Yamaha YP-D10 Direct Drive Turntable Record. Player Audio Operation Confirmed. Please check with the image. Clear and crisp Yamaha sound! Heavier than it looks, and more stable than it looks! The thread of bias weight is broken, but it can be played by adjusting the weight. Notes on applicable items. For books, the language is […]

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Pioneer PL-A300S Record Player Full Automatic Audio Operation Confirmed NEW BELT


It will arrive in 3 -7 days. Characteristics of the store. In order to deliver packages safely to overseas customers, we pack them carefully and deliver the products safely. To satisfy all customers, we will respond to individual inquiries politely and promptly. International Buyers – Please Note. Notes Please read before purchasing. The voltage of […]

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