Pioneer PL-1250s Direct Drive Record Player Turnable Vintage Player Used 100V


Direct drive manual player. Motor: Brushless DC servo motor. Drive method: Direct drive. Rotation speed: 33 1/3, 45rpm. Rotation speed switching: Pure electronic system. Arm type: Static balance S-shaped pipe arm. Attached mechanism: anti-skating mechanism. Arm height adjustment mechanism. Cartridge format MM type. Power consumption: 5.0W (rated). External dimensions: Width 480x Height 185x Depth 410mm. […]

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YAMAHA YP-800 Direct Drive Turntable Record Player 100V Needle Damage Used


All my products are 100% Authentic. YAMAHA YP-800 Record Player. This item is defective. The cartridge (needle) that came with this product seemed bent and was unusable. I replaced the needle with another one and checked the operation, including checking the sound output, and it played without any problems. There are no problems other than […]

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Yamaha YP-511 Direct Drive Record Player Turntable Confirmed Excellent Operation


Yamaha YP-511 Direct Drive Record Player. This record player is designed to reduce the adverse effects of vibration by increasing the weight of key parts. The motor is an 8-pole, 24-slot DC servo motor with high torque. Furthermore, the servo circuit response has been improved to maintain accurate rotation speed even under load fluctuations. The […]

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SONY PS-T3 Direct Drive Fully Automatic Stereo Turntable Record Player SERVICED


This machine was recently calibrated and had a new needle installed by a professional technician here in my city that specializes in vintage turntables and receivers. It is a super clean unit in great cosmetic and working condition! There are some microscopic scuffs on the dust cover which are very typical on these but no […]

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Pioneer XL-1550 Turntable Stereo Record Player Direct Drive from JP


Pioneer XL-1550 Turntable Stereo Record Player Direct Drive from JP. We are happy to answer your questions. We are currently packing with a small staff to prevent infection. International Buyers – Please Note. We do not sell fake and copy goods. Thank you for your understanding. We do not mark merchandise values below value or […]

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Pioneer PL-30L Direct Drive Turntable Record Player Audio automatic working


Pioneer PL-30L Direct Drive Turntable Record Player Audio automatic working. Rotation speed, when you press the start button, it will immediately lock to the specified rotation speed OK? Rotation speed switching OK? The tone arm elevation button allows the arm to move up and down smoothly. OK? After the performance ends, it will automatically lift […]

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Pioneer PL-30L Direct Drive Turntable Record Player Audio automatic Excellent


Please check the rank table below. Please confirm the accessories with photos. All the accessories appearing in the photos are attached. If you want to know more details of condition, please feel free to contact me. I can send more photos if you want. A new, unused item with absolutely no sign of wear, but […]

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Denon DP-2700 Direct Drive Turntable Record Player


We sell instruments made in Japan. The items we sell have been tested for operation. They are used but work fine. International Buyers – Please Note. Thank you for visiting my shop. All of our items have been inspected by experts and specialists who have been educated well for authentication. All accessories are included in […]

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