BSR Stereo Record Player C123R Console Replacement Restored Clean See Video Demo


BSR Stereo Record Player serviced and fully functional. As a Replacement for your Console or All in One System, no base is included. Fully serviced and working as demonstrated here. BSR Replacement Record Player for Console or All in One Stereos S123R Serviced. Changer mechanism was disassembled and all moving parts cleaned of old grease […]

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BSR Record Player Console Replacement Turntable C129R Serviced See Video Demo


Console Replacement Turntable (no base). Serviced with all moving parts removed, cleaned and re-lubricated. New Stylus Installed on the ceramic cartridge. Works and sounds great as demonstrated here. Will replace most BSR changers in’all in one units’ or consoles that use a ceramic cartridge. Any questions about fit or procedures to remove your changer will […]

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Sansui SR-929 Direct Drive Turntable Record Player with demo video


Sansui SR-929 Direct Drive Turntable Record Player. I have seen other SR-929 with the same style bend so probably that’s how it should be. Otherwise, its a beauty. I played it today for about an hour and it sounded pretty good, speed is on track. The cue works well and gently brings the arm down. […]

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