Rare 1946 Admiral 78rpm Record Player Bakelite Case 6rp48-3a1n Phonograph


Don’t let this item slip away!!! Thank you for browsing items from Dave’s Antique Shack!!! We pride ourselves in trying to locate and bring to market The most rare and unique pieces we can find. If you have any questions, please ask and I will do my best to respond quickly with the needed information. […]

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Rare Philco Model 48-1200 Fully Automatic Front Loading 78rpm Record Player WOW


Here is a very nice Original Vintage 1947 I Believe, Philco Model 48-1200, Code 121, Fully Automatic Front Loading, Leatherette Alligator Skin, 78rpm Record Player Turntable in Very Good Working Condition. Small light lights up on top when turned on, open the front door and load the 78 record and when you close the door […]

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Vintage 1926 Victor Victrola VV8-30 Record Player with Over 400 78rpm Records


Vintage 1926 Victor Victrola VV8-30 Record Player with Over 400 78rpm Records! This Victor victrola line was originally called “Credenza” when released in November 1925. The “Credenza” name was changed to “8-30″ on the dataplate in mid-1926. The motorboard was changed by moving the turntable to the right. There are too many 78 rpm records […]

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HMV WIND UP MODEL VI GRAMOPHONE 1911 + soundbox 78rpm record player phonograph


PLEASE SCROLL DOWN THE LISTING TO SEE ALL THE PHOTOS A FINE VINTAGE HMV MODEL VI 78 rpm HORN GRAMOPHONE Early 20th Century, Circa 1911 Good, antique condition Works as it should. Oak cabinet 17 3/4 inches (450mm) square, by 9 inches (230mm) tall. Original motor Winds up and plays without issue. It is complete […]

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Kameraphone Phonograph Gramophone 78rpm Germany Box Record Player 78 Rpm Works


Kameraphone T rade Mark US Patent P S. Phonograph Gramophone 78rpm Germany Box portable crank powered Record Player 78 Rpm Works. This is in really nice condition for being almost 100 years old. The Glass on the reproducer part is broken, the handle on top of the box is missing. The on/off switch has been […]

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Garrard 4HF NEAR MINT Vintage Turntable Record player 78rpm 301 idler Shure M3D

No nicks or scratches to paint. Very minor scratches to plinth. All mechanical functions cleaned and lubed. Works properly at all speeds. (may need short warm up period)Auto shutoff working. Motor is absolutely silent. Cartridge works in both channels and needle sounds good. This is the desirable bakelite M3D earliest stereo cart. I’m having skipping […]

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